Friday, January 3, 2014

Sweet Girl

Happy New Year!  I am excited to be starting a new year with new goals that I will share in a later post.

I have been wanting to share this layout since I completed it in November, but I got busy and it got tucked away.  I was inspired to do this layout in a most horrible fashion.  In mid-October, I discovered that the two sets of backup discs that I made of my 2005 photos were blank!  2005 was the year the my daughter was 2 years old and it was also when she started preschool.  I was just sick about the fact that a lot of her special moments were gone.  Long story short, I paid $500 to send my corrupted old hard drive to a level 2 data recovery company.  My files were recovered, thankfully, but during the month of waiting I came across what I thought was the only photo of my daughter from that year.  It had been on the refrigerator since 2005 and I knew I had to preserve it now, more than ever, because this may be it.  It took me a few days to figure out what I wanted to do with it, but in the end, I just wanted to convey the love and admiration I have for my Sweet Girl.

This layout was made from mostly Studio Calico kits/products.  I am very happy about how it came together.  Usually, I am pretty methodical when it comes to adding ink to my layouts, but let go this time and it turned out better than what I envisioned.

I am working on clustering more elements on my layouts, too.  I am a major hoarder when it comes it my supplies.  I don't want to "waste" any of it!  But I am learning to let that waste-not mind-set go for a more creative spirit. 
My favorite part of this photo is her hands!  I remember how she used to hold her hands out like this when she was concentrating or being careful.  Anyway, I am thankful to the teacher for capturing this candid moment of my daughter's life.
Hope you enjoyed my layout and have a great weekend!  Stay warm!

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