Sunday, January 5, 2014

Epiphanie Bags

If you own a digital SLR camera, you are familiar with the fine line between a functional and fashionable camera bag.  Last year, I purchased an awesome camera bag that had great pockets for everything and fit everything that I wanted to bring with me.  I was pretty, but it was the shape of a camera bag and it was big!  I found myself leaving the bag in the car so I wouldn't have to lug it around.  Not a great everyday bag.

I was on a quest for the perfect bag.  I wanted a fashionable, comfortable, roomy, colorful, and affordable bag.  That's all!  Well, after much searching and reading reviews, I came across Epiphanie Bags.  I was in LOVE!  After about an hour of debating, couponing, and consulting my photog friends, I picked the Lola in mustard yellow.  I have to sacrifice the granola bars and three different hand lotions in my old bag, but everything from my old bag fits in my new one!  Here's what my new bag looks like...

The price was right, too.  After the coupon (that was deducted twice for some reason- lucky me), my new bag was $125.  Not bad!  So far, I love this bag! 


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