Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fun with Modeling Paste

By nature, I am a neat and tidy scrapbooker.  Everything has a place on the page, and if it isn't perfect it has to go!  Since joining the SC website last May, my scrapbooking OCD has diminished and I have tried some techniques that I might not have in the past.  I still always proceed with caution when trying new things, like today when I tried out modeling paste on "test paper."

When I saw Adrienne Alvis' tutorial for using modeling paste on layouts, I knew I had to try it... cautiously.

I noticed that she painted over the dry modeling paste with Mister Huey's and it got me wondering how it would look if I mixed in the color prior to spreading it on the paper.  I put a small amount of paste on a palette and sprayed some Color Shine mist on the paste and mixed it together.  Remember that color you choose is getting mixed with white, so it will be significantly lighter (red will be pink).

 For my first try I used a Project Life grid card, but was greatly warped by the wet paste.  I used a piece chipboard next, but the same thing happened, to a lesser degree.  Perhaps using a coated or treated paper would lessen the warping.  Despite the wavy paper, the overall effect is so cool!  Here is my second attempt.

I loved all of these!  One suggestion I will make is to remove the mask as soon as you finish spreading the paste.  I did all 4 before I removed the masks and found that the first one was harder to remove!

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